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Kasanka & Bangweulu

Kasanka is Zambia’s only national park under private management and is entirely reliant on tourism revenue and charitable funding. It is a valuable conservation area with diverse flora and fauna including many endangered species and exceptional birdlife. The Bangweulu wetlands, just north of Kasanka are one of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife secrets with over 100,000 black lechwe and the world’s most visible Shoebill storks. Kasanka National Park and the adjacent Bangweulu Wetlands make very rewarding destinations for visitors seeking to delve deeper into Africa’s hidden corners. There are great opportunities for education and research in a real wilderness but with good supportive infrastructure. Several rare species are abundant in the park, including sitatunga, wattled crane, Ross’s Lourie and Blue Monkeys. Kasanka is also host to a unique and spectacular congregation of several million Straw-Coloured Fruitbats every November and December.

Suggested accommodation

  • Shoebill Island Camp

    Shoebill Island Camp Starting just 50kms to the North of Kasanka are the vast Bangweulu Wetlands. The area is divided into 3 main habitats: open water to the North West (near Samfya), huge swamps in the middle and, ar...

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