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The South

The South

The south and south-eastern region has some fantastic areas for wildlife viewing, superb scenery and remote off the beaten track beaches.

The most well-known area is the Berenty Reserve which is home to large troops of resident ring-tailed lemurs and the ‘dancing’ verreaux sifakas. This area has been on numerous television shows and is extremely popular with tourists.

The areas of the Ifotaka community forest (gallery forest and spiny forest), Andohahela National Park (rainforest, spiny forest and transition forest) and the Mandena Conservation Zone (littoral and spiny forest) are far less visited and well worth a trip. All of these areas are accessed from the main town of the south – Fort Dauphin.

Towards the end of the RN7 you will find the spectacular rock formations and diverse scenery of the Isalo National Park, an extremely popular choice for walkers and hikers.

The beaches and spiny forest of Ifaty are also a popular choice after the long journey down the RN7. The people of this region are also well known for their elaborate and colourful tombs, which can be seen on areas of the RN7 or in the Ifotaka forest.

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